I am Gabe Boggs. I am 15 years old and have been shooting for about 3 years now. I love shooting clays, and just anything to do with shotguns. I am a sophomore at Danial High School. I live near Sixmile SC and attend Alive Wesleyan Church. We have a small Farm. We have a couple of mules and 21 head of Simmental cattle. I like tending to the cows and really like helping in the hay field as I get to drive the tractor a lot while raking hay. I hope to grow the cattle into a source of income as I get older. I enjoy hunting and fishing. I really like hunting anything with a dog like Bear, Coon, and Squirrel hunting. I killed my first bear at age 11. I have spent a lot of time shooting rifles but had never gotten into shotguns. When I went to the Clemson 4H practice for the first time I was a bit reluctant and embarrassed to try something new in front of people that I didn’t know. So, I just watched for almost a whole round of skeet, my coach knew exactly what he was doing as he talked me into trying it on station 7. After a bit of dry ball routine, He loaded the gun and low and behold I broke a clay on my very first ever time to shoot a shot gun. It started an evolution in my house, I was hooked. Now all I think about is shooting and those people that I didn’t even know have become MY family. I wouldn’t trade the experiences and the friendships that shotguns have brought to me for the world. I love every aspect of it even TRAP just not all the time, but I could shoot sporting clay and fitasc around the clock and never stop. I now compete with my team of three, in all the youth events that are available. We have become really good friends and have a blast at every shoot. I also have moved into shooting registered shoots and really like that as I am always shooting with folks that are better than me and I think it helps me to be a better shooter. I made it from “E” class to “B” class in 2017, and just made it to “A” class at the Krieghoff classic a couple weeks ago. I am excited and nervous to be in the “A” class, I’m looking at it as another level of challenge and I will stick with it till I figure it out. I really like the circuit shoots because I now know most of the regular shooters and its fun to see every one and talk about where we messed up. And of course, the circuit shoots have one thing to really brag on. THE FOOD they always feed us well with really good food. Bottom line is I love the Lord, I love my family, I love the outdoors, and I love this sport and hope I can do it forever.