My Story: By Adam Godbey

My brother and I began shooting in February 2016. When I first started shooting, I used a M2 Benelli auto-loading shotgun. I had only shot clays in the yard and didn’t know anything about shooting it the “right way,” using mounts correctly, focusing on pre-shot routines, and using the mental game aspects of shooting. We started out going to a couple of shoots to watch and figure out if this was something we wanted to get into. After the first shoot, I knew right then I wanted to do this. I loved watching others shoot and thought it was so cool! I had heard people mention that some colleges have shooting teams and when I found out Clemson had one, I was like, “Oh man! I want to be on that team!” We watched teams shoot skeet and trap at the National Wild Turkey Federation Palmetto Shooting Complex one weekend and I said, “Mom, Dad, I want to do this my whole life!” When I shot my first tournament, it was so cool, but so nerve wracking! I wanted to do good, my family wanted me to do good, and I was worried about what my coach might think.

My mom and dad got us new guns after we determined we liked the sport and wanted to stay in it. I thought that gun was going to make me even better! Boy, was I wrong; the gun had nothing to do with my ability to shoot. I had to learn the mental game. One day, at practice it was raining and we had inside class time. That is when we really started getting into the mental aspects of the game. It took me some time to understand it all – and to be honest, I am still learning. Our coach, Dan Paxton asked me to look at some videos and really focus on the mental game more. The more I did these things, the better I started to get.

Overall, the team we are on does really well in tournaments. I have even gotten a couple of high over all! I love all shooting sports (clays, skeet, and trap). I am very lucky that I have a family and a coach who believe in me and support me. I love this sport – and look forward to learning and growing even more!!