In order to integrate more youth shooters into the registered shoots in South Carolina, the SCSCA board in concert with South Carolina Youth Shooting Foundation’s David Chesnutt agreed to appoint a youth representative to bridge the gap between the youth shooting arena of SCYSF, 4h, and the DNR shoots at Edgefield and the state’s registered shoots. With the objective of spotlighting youth members who also attend the registered shoots around the state, Ms. Samantha Langford was appointed by Chesnutt and accepted by the Board Chair, Brian Milbourne. Chesnutt indicated this is an interim position and will be filled again in July with a rising 11th grade student of the all-state team he is forming. 

As we endeavor to be vigilant in closing this gap between the registered shooters and youth leagues, the board will be spotlighting a youth member each month on our website. If you know of anyone who has a passion for shooting and aspires to be a registered shooter or shoot in college, please send Patrick, Dan, or any SCSCA board member a short biography such as the one attached and we will select the best examples for inclusion on our “spotlight” segment.

My name is Samantha Langford and I am a senior at Wyman King Academy in Batesburg, SC. I have been shooting competitively since 7th grade with the school team and have for several years been shooting the registered shoots in the state as well as a few regionals and the Georgia State shoot with my Dad, David Langford, and my Uncle, Dan Paxton. They have both been my mentors and coaches throughout my shooting tenure.
I am also a three time graduate of “Champs Camp”. This is a summer shooting clinic that emphasizes the mental game portion of the shooting sports. It is held at Live Oak Sportsman’s Club each summer in July and is taught by Pro shooter David Radulavich and past NSCA president Tony Monzingo, both extremely talented shooters and renowned coaches. I really enjoy talking and shooting with David Radulavich as he is closer to my age and understands my passion for clay shooting. I have learned to manage my emotions better with each camp. Also, shooting the various registered competitions have elevated my mental game and allowed me to compete better in all the youth shoots I attend.
My personal goal is to shoot at a collegiate level next year. I am currently applying for acceptance in several colleges that have a shooting program. My other noteworthy goal is to help promote the youth shooting segment of the state shooters and encourage them to shoot circuit shoots and other registered shoots in the area. Our State’s youth shooters are the future of the sport!