Spotlight on SCSCA Youth


Spotlight on a Youth Shooter…..Will Clyburn

I have known Will Clyburn for several years in the environs of his appearances in the youth leagues around the state. I have tremendous respect for his ability as a shooter as he is regularly seen on the podium with squad mates in the youth arena shooting as one team member of three under the Live Oaks Clay Duster banner. Many kids only aspire to be good in these youth events but Will has also become a great competitor in the registered shoots that abound in South Carolina.

Last year his Dad Jeff Clyburn, a good shooter in his own right, took Will on the road to most of the bigger “blast” shoots around the Southeast and Will exceeded all expectations by moving upward in class from C to AA and winning a lot in his sub-junior concurrent as well!

Will is 14 years old and in the 9th grade. He has been shooting for Live Oak since 5th grade when he started with a 1187 youth model shotgun in 20 gauge. Along with his Dad, his primary coach has always been Steve Bolt of Live Oak Sportsman’s Club. His secondary coaches have been David Radulavich, Tony Monzingo, and Matt Fisher of Champs Camp, a clinic from Texas that visits Live Oak every summer.

Will’s accomplishments in 2015:

Seminole Cup- C1st, sub-junior champ
Palmetto Cup- B1st, sub-junior champ
Gamaliel Cup- sub-junior 3rd
Georgia State Championship-sub-junior 2nd
North Carolina State Championship-sub-junior 2nd
South Carolina State Championship-A2nd, sub-junior 2nd

My memories of Will go back to when I was squadded with Will and Jeff Clyburn in the US Open, held at Backwoods Quail Club in Georgetown, SC, a few years back. Will was just developing his shooting prowess but was remarkably steady under the pressure of the large tournament. I admired his approach and he took his Dad and me to task on several of the stations encountered. As a coach will sometimes do, I have monitored Will and his upward trajectory and have been impressed by his path. His coach Steve Bolt, says this of Will “He is a quiet, studious kid with a tremendous passion for the sport and winning….he is very coachable because he always wants to get better. Will is a team leader as the kids look to him…he has not reached his full potential yet and if he continues, he will be a force in the sport!”

As always, Will is understated…….he takes things in stride and doesn’t seem to get flustered….Other than shooting, his interests are in playing Junior Varsity football for Irmo and bird hunting with his English Pointer, “Mojo”. He also indicates that he is trying to teach his Dad to shoot and compete a little better in the lower classes, but smiles and says “not going too good!”