Live Oak Sporting Clays
Live Oak Sporting came into being as a club in Columbia located near Mill Creek.  The owners operated Mill Creek Sporting Clays and were generally successful but as the City began to encroach onto the range area they begin to seek another parcel to relocate the clays range.  Around 1993, they discovered a parcel near the town of Swansea in Lexington County of approximately 100 acres.  They purchased the land and began their evolution to a more modern clays operation with Live Oak Sportsman Club.
The operation began with the development of a newly minted log style clubhouse, two skeet fields, a five stand, and a ten station clays range.  They were generally successful but after a downturn in 2008 the owners elected to sale and Alton Hutto of Swansea purchased the tract with all improvements.  Alton had developmental ideas for the club and soon added a 300 yard rifle range with covered stations, as well as 35 yard pistol range, with covered stations as well, converted one skeet field to a double wobble trap, and the sporting clays range to include a few more stations.  Also at that time he constructed a banquet hall to facilitate bigger groups for parties, weddings, etc.
As the program grew [now 2010] it became apparent to Alton that the range manager job needed to be upgraded to an individual experienced in shooting and retail experience so along came Steve Bolt, a level two instructor with lots of shooting experience.  Under Steve’s management Live Oak began to develop its personality  and reputation as a good place to shoot close to Columbia with a course taylor made for corporate events.  The banquet hall made for enjoying a good course then a fine repast available in any weather condition.  Live Oak also became home of the Live Oaks Clay Dusters who I know you’ll recognize if you follow the youth programs as they spend a lot of time on the youth podium with smiling faces and trophies in hand.
Ever forward thinking Bolt began to expand his program, bringing in annually nationally recognized coaches of Texas fame, Gil and Vicki Ash for weekend tutelage to registered shooters as well as novices alike. He has also been the site host of “Champs Camp“ a youth camp for shooters inspired to become better at their craft.  Both the Ashes and Tony Monzingo and David Radulavich’s Champs Camp are coming again this summer.  If you are interested in either of the well established and successful programs give Steve a call at Live Oak and set up the dates…………..Or just come out and shoot their twelve station course or investigate booking a corporate or fundraiser shoot with Live Oak Sportsman’s Club!  Regardless if your game is shooting a rifle, pistol or shotgun there is always fun to be had at the Swansea location.